Towncraft Group

At Towncraft Group of Companies, we are a diversified conglomerate with a focus on innovation and sustainable development across multiple industries. Founded with the vision to create impactful solutions and services, our group encompasses a wide range of specializations, each dedicated to excellence in its field.

Towncraft Technologies Pvt Ltd

At Towncraft Technologies, we develop cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation in the IT industry. Our expertise spans from software development to comprehensive IT consulting.

Towncraft Agrico Pvt Ltd

With a commitment to the agricultural sector, Towncraft Agrico provides high-quality agricultural products and services that enhance productivity and sustainability.

Green Wallet

Part of Bangalore Agrico, the Green Wallet is our innovative Plant Buy Back scheme that guarantees to double the initial investment after two years.


Offering a vast selection of plants online, Plantslive caters to plant enthusiasts and gardeners, providing easy access to a variety of plants and gardening tools.

The PlantEx

Serving as a comprehensive supply chain solution for plants, The PlantEx bridges the gap between producers and consumers across India.

Wholesale Agrico

Wholesale Agrico supplies premium agricultural produce and materials to large-scale buyers and retailers, ensuring reliable delivery and competitive pricing.

BIT Rupee

BIT Rupee is a community-driven project that provides secure and innovative financial solutions through cryptocurrency. It facilitates fast, secure, and low-cost digital transactions on a global scale. Supported by Towncraft, this blockchain initiative aims to empower users with accessible and reliable financial tools.

At Towncraft Group of Companies, our diverse portfolio reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that we remain leaders in every industry we serve.